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Best PSD Design Inspirations On Flicker Part 2

Here goes the list, enjoy! (Please note that copyright of individual work belongs to the original author, click image to view their works on Flickr)




Stationary Style Collections

By the way, here is something I found on the FAQ section of their website:

WTF!? Another gallery?

Yes, another gallery. We felt that all the other ones lacked in different areas. That’s why we have created Stationery Style. Easy-on-the-eye, user-friendly resourse, for creatives to share ideas, and get inspired. Enjoy!

– Stationary Style

Alright enough talks … here goes the list, enjoy 🙂



Create a Crispy-Crust Text Effect with Flower Texture in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate the processes I used to create this Crispy-Crust text effect with flower texture in Photoshop, inspired by Pizzahut’s thin’n crispy pizza base!

From this tutorial, together we can explore the power of blending style options, brush tools, image adjustment tools such as curve and hue tools, and some selection techniques in Photoshop.

Here is a preview of the final text effect:

Version #1

Version #2

Version #3

OK, Let’s get started!


Super Great Photoshop Design Inspiration

Here goes the list, enjoy!

You can click on the image to view the work on Flickr and then access author’s flickr homepage.

My Inspire


Tidy Up and Smoothen Skin, and Do Eye Makeups | Photoshop Effect Tutorials

Here is a preview of the before and after effect of the eye:




5 effect 2

Ok let’s get started!


Super Cool PSD Design Inspiration On Flicker

Here goes the list, enjoy!



Best And Creative Photoshop Design Inspiration For You | Must See

You can simply click on the images to view them on Flickr and access the author’s photostream from there.

Here goes the list, enjoy!



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