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Welcome to Part II of the “Six High Quality Photoshop Tutorial Sites Apart From” here on PSD Vault! I decided to make this post in conjunction with my previous post regarding the same topic. There are just so many other great Photoshop Tutorial sites out there providing tons of tips and tricks about Photoshop and more importantly, design inspirations. It would really be a pity to miss them.

So I included another Six Fantastic Photoshop Tutorial sites here and make it Part II of the series. I think for Photoshop beginners,  it will be very beneficial for you to look at a wide range of sites and get as much information/techniques as possible, and make sure you practive with them. (I’m learning as well as you guys, and this is what I do^^).

OK that’s enough talk, here is the list, enjoy! (Oh by the way, (now is THE KING for everything Photoshop, so check it out if you haven’t done so already!)

HV- Designs

HV-Designs is my personnal adobe photoshop blog. I write weekly tutorials for all types of photoshop users. You can also purchase CSS templates and PSD files from the hv-designs shop.

– Richard Carpenter of hv-designs



Blog.SpoonGraphics is the personal project of Chris Spooner, a UK based Graphic and Web Designer. The site acts his digital playground where he presents Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials, free design resources and graphic design related articles.

– About Blog.SpoonGraphics



PSDThemes is a place for who loves webdesign and who wants to learn how to create webdesign concepts and how to be a talented webdesigner with detailed web design tutorials, psd resources, articles, interviews and much more.

-About PSDThemes



With many tutorial websites, they focus only on pageviews.  We want to provide quality over quantity and if that provides more pageviews, thats just a plus.  As always if you have a certain technique you’ve seen and want to learn it, please visit our contact page, and theres a good change we will turn it into a tutorial.



PS Wish

PS, as you can guess, stands for Photoshop, and although I in no way affiliate with the Adobe company, I try to bring you best of the best of… Photoshop. This blog is dedicated to tutorials, downloads, free brushes, shapes, actions and other application resources. You will also fine a lot of articles about using Photoshop, web graphics, design, news and digital photography… Yep, let’s keep it a bit broad!

– About PS Wish



This is a reletively new Photoshop tutorial site, but I think it has the potential of becoming a good one in the future. The two tutorials currently on there are of very high quality. Definitely worth looking.

– From James @


Ok that’s it for Six High Quality Photoshop Tutorial Sites Apart From – Part II! Hope you enjoy those sites and find them useful and inspirational 🙂

Meanwhile, if you wish sharing other great Photoshop sites with us, simply drop me a comment below.

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  1. Good day, I am sorry to let you torture.Did you know any awesome blog where I can learn some things about photoshop? Thanks

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