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Huge and Extensive Roundup of 45 Miscellaneous Icon Packs

1.Free vista Animal icons

These free vista animal icons are from visualpharm. Available in all sizes,Windows,MAC and PNG formats too.The icons are free for personal use and also free for commercial use.

2.Animal archigraph icons

Animal Archigraphs, is made especially for all of you animal lovers! They are animal archigraphs, or 3D animal icons. They also carry a bit of a glossy effect which really makes them shine. There are 26 icons in total. Hope you enjoy them!

3.Bearbrick Icons

Incredible work. Featured on many icon galleries.Free for personal use

4.Qee icons

Different designs, you will be sure to find more than a few that will catch your attention. They are 100% free to download.

5.Easter bunny icons

This set includes 44 cute easter icons that you can use for web and print design. Icons include: bunnies, birdies, Easter eggs, and candy bars. You can use them to spirit up your blog themes or to design your Easter postcards and invitations.

6.Zoom eyed creatures

Turbodesigner Olesia Kozlova have drawn a set of icons with the nicest goggle-eyed creatures.You are free to do whatever you want with them but be careful not to let them subdue your mind. Take this hypnotoad to start with.They have popped their eyes and are full of attention.All graphics in Download section are free to use for personal non-commercial purposes

7.Moshii world sea creatures icons

The set of impressive sea creature icons,bird and twitter icon too.The Moshii World icons set is free to use.

8.Pacman icons

Inspired from Pacman game.Another interesting fact about these icons is that the author of the set, Stanislav Smoliakov, moved to Goa (India). Most of the icons were drawn there at the coast of the Indian Ocean. As it turns out Turbomilk became a Russian-Indian company.All graphics in Download section are free to use for personal non-commercial purposes.

9.Fugly Monster icons

Unique creature design.Available in .icns .ico .hxq and png formats.Dock style.

10.Icons from iconfinder

Well designed and detailed icons.the 3D white shape as the base, that has it’s own custom perspective look.These icons are licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 Denmark.

11.Curl finder icons

In this pack you’ll find 2 icons in different formats.These icons are for personal use only.

12.Icons for online shop

Free icons for online shop.-Status of the icons are  Shopping cart is empty, Shopping cart full, Consultation with a specialist, Photos and Video.Available in PNG format.

13.Black and Blue icons

Mac OS X application icons such as iChat, iPhoto, iTunes, Address Book, Text Edit, iCal in black and blue colors.

14.Aeon by kyo-tux

These icons are belong to Mac and Windows.All the icons are available in PNG format with 256*256 px dimension.

15.Mac dock makeover

A winter style theme, based on white, silver, and blue colors to give my dock a “chilled” look. Icons included are Dashboard Icon,Safari Icon,Finder Icon and iPhone iTunes Icon etc…It’s a collection of Dock icons.

16.CHANGHONG LT700 icons

The set of 5 icons for control panel things.Just another blue dock icon.

17.Icon pack in Mac OS X style


This set is free and intended for non-commercial usage only.Available 5 dimension.

18.Vista and XP OS icons

For vista and Xp OS . Designed using Adobe illustrator CS.

19.Leopard icon pack-updated

Revision pack of leopard icons.Added more icons in this package.And it’s already downloaded 10000+ times.

20.Umi icons full pack

A Full pack of icons for Mac OS. Glossy blue style.

21.Puck icons pack

New set of Dock icons for both PC and Mac use.Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

22.Apple TV icons

23.Apple Mug Icons and Extras

24.Sticker pack

Sticker type of icons.This collection contains 20 individual sticky icons with large resources for Vista & Leopard. Two sets are available.

25.Wi-fun icons

26.Manto Emotion / Emoticons

Manto is a set of emotion icons, or emoticons, that have an array of different emotions, and they are quite interesting little emotion icons.

27.Mr.Zhong Emoticons

Unique and crazy icons.They come with faces only and also with body. Hope you like.

28.Snooker ball Emoticons

All of the Snooker Balls icons are beautifully put together and have a great glossy look to them. Cool set of glossy emoticon balls.

29.Popsicle Icons with Emotions

These are funny emoticons in funky style.

30.Lego heads

Awesome and a retro style emoticons.

31.iPhone icons roundup

Here are the  coolest roundup of  iPhone icons you will ever see in your life. They are really look great, and best of all, they are 100% free to use! Spice up the look of your iPhone with these set of awesome iPhone icons.

Iphone  roundup 2

Northstar Iphone icons

These are simply wonderful icons.There are a total of 44 awesome icons in this pack!.

CMT Iphone icons

32.SuperMario Box icon packs

Set os 5 icons inspired from SuperMario characters.Attribution (Creative Commons)

33.Acid trip – Shrroms,Monsters and Candy

They are composed of shrooms, monsters, candy, faces, weather, creepy pacman icons and more.Having the collection of Creatures,Emoticons and food icons too.

34.Fungii iconset

These icons are  designed like futuristic retro style.The fungii name comes because of the creepy end.Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

35.Wacky gamer icon set

36.Pioneer camp icons

These set are  fully related to camp items.Free for non-commercial use

37.Baggy icon set

Baggy Icon Set was designed by Paul Kadysz. Set contains 5 high quality icons in 3 different formats. Here’s how the set looks like.

38.Blue retro rusted grunge  nature wonders

This blue retro rusted grunge icons natural wonders set includes a wide assortment of icons from nature.

39.Archigraphs Cars Icons

Cars Dock Icons created for free use.Now for MacOs X, and Windows Vista.Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

40.Neon light icon set

Neon icons for dark themes.Really a unique style.

41.Ipod Nano icons

A set of beautiful dock icons for MacOs X, and Windows Vista.Some rights reserved.

42.Ice cream and cake

Very delicious icons for your taste.Set of 15 icons.

43.Rave icon pack

Just another Collection of food icons.All the icons contained in this set are intended for personal desktop use ONLY. These icons MAY NOT BE REDISTRIBUTED, SOLD OR EXCHANGED FOR ANY GOODS OR SERVICES WHATSOEVER. By downloading this file you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of use.

44.Coca cola Family

Coca cola family pack available in PNG format.They look realistic and have great lighting. There are 3 different icons: diet coke, coca-cola classic, and coke zero, and you also get 3 separate icons with a bit of coke spilled around the base of the cans.

45.Mini breakfast icon (Cracked egg)

Anyone who wishes to use the icons are free to use them. with  some reservations please read this on source.

Origin and source for all icon packs:

A big thanks for all the sources to help us to bring this Massive collection of Icon roundup including User interface icons and Social media icons 🙂

source :


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