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Brushes are probably the most useful thing when designing in Photoshop. There are so many sites that list free brushes for your to download, but many of them are, well, rubbish. I have compiled a list of 15 websites that list quality Photoshop brushes available for free download.

Let me know what free brush site you like best. I think my favorite is either Brusheezy, FBrushes or PFB. Also if you have found any other top notch free Photoshop brush sites, then please let the WebdesignDev community know by dropping in a comment. Anyway, enjoy the list!


Brusheezy is part of the “eezy” network of websites. Some quality Photoshop brushes on this site.


* * * * *

WOW Brushes

These brushes have defiantly got the WOW factor.


* * * * *

Get Brushes

This site has a great collection of only the best Photoshop brushes.


* * * * *

123 Free Brushes

The name basically sums this site up. There is over 107 pages of free Photoshop brushes available to download!


* * * * *

F Brushes

(Free) Brushes has a great design, and its very easy to find Photoshop brushes you want.


* * * * *

Q Brushes

Q Brushes has a large selection of quality Photoshop brushes available to download now.


* * * * *

PS Brushes

A great collection of Photoshop brushes listed on this site, categorized too!


* * * * *

Photoshop Free Brushes

A beautiful showcase of many different free Photoshop brushes.


* * * * *

Free Brushes

An easy to use, nicely designed brush website that lives up to its name.


* * * * *

GFX Fever

There are many brushes here that you can use when designing in Photoshop.


* * * * *

Brush Fed

A notebook / scrap book styled website design, with a large collection of brushes available to download.


* * * * *

In Obscuro

Pages of brushes that aren’t too big in filesize to download.


* * * * *

My Photoshop Brushes

A large directory of brushes, including patterns, shapes and gradients too!


* * * * *

Photo Shop Brush

A nice sized directory listing some great Photoshop brushes. Large brush previews too!


* * * * *

Brushes Download

A nice index of not only free brushes, but many other Photoshop goodies.



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